vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

Just playing

Sometimes you just want to play. Feel like a kid again playing with paints and crayons and letting your creative juices flow. Well I do anyway. So that is what I did this week.
Last week my husband and I bought some storage units and now all my stuff is sorted and neatly stored away. No more searching around the house, looking in all the different places. Everything has its place now. I have done so much this week!!

Above some of the work I have made this week. No expectations, just having fun and experimenting. 

And these are the new storage units. It is such a luxury! I still have some stuff in boxes in the basement because I don't use those much. Now I can just go into the room and get whatever I need that day and create! whoohoo!
Hopefully those creative juices will keep flowing and I can show you more next time. See you then. Remember to have fun!