dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Hot, hot, hot

I haven't done much these last couple of days. The weather has been very hot. Temperatures of 38 degrees C have been recorded in some places in the Netherlands and for our country that is very hot. It also has been very dry, also not so common for this country. So plants have been struggling to stay alive and unfortunately all kinds of creepy crawlers decided to have a party in the chicken coop. I have lost a chicken because of this in the past so I decided to order an army of Dutchies to prey on them. But before I put them in the coop I cleaned the coop with hot water and soap so the 
Dutchies will have a head start. Hopefully they will keep things under control from now on. 

Before the weather warmed up however I made myself a few summer skirts. I had purchased some fabric coupons at the market and decided to make some easy gathered skirts out of them. 

Here are the two I have made. I used a colored elastic to gather the fabric. The amount of fabric that I had to gather was not that much so it was possible to do it that way although the white one was the most difficult one because it is the widest. It also has an underskirt so people can't see my undies while I walk down the street.
I also made a pattern for a jersey skirt and made a jersey skirt, well actually two. I know it seems a lot but these are all really quick skirts to make. the jersey skirt took me about two hours from start to finish, laying out the fabric took me the longest because jersey tends to curl up and because I wanted to get the most out of my fabric I took some time to figure out the best way to lay out my pattern on the fabric. The rest was really easy. With this one I also used an elastic but a wider and stiffer one. I sewed it along the top and then flipped it to the inside of my skirt. No need to sew that to the skirt. Because it is slightly stiff it stays in place without curling up.

And I am happy to report that, in the meantime, we have had some rain, finally!
Have fun and see you next time!