dinsdag 12 december 2017

Finally finished

It has been a while I know. First there was that flu virus. I didn't do much then and it took me two weeks to get better and another to get up to speed again. I did manage to finish the jeans blanket for my son right before I really got sick so that was good.
But now I am busy again dying fabric, journaling from time to time and knitting even! I also finally finished a blanket that has been ten years in the making!

It is made of old jeans, a woolen jacket and other leftover fabrics. I added a lot of embroidery too. I am glad that it is finally done and ready to use. Way better than it laying around in a krate or drawer.

Yesterday I played with my new shiva paint sticks and spray paints.

I had lot of fun with that and I really like the result.

A few weeks ago my husband brought home six bags of textile. My mother in law has moved into a nursing home and now her house has to be cleared out. As my mother in law isn't using the textiles anymore I asked if I could have them. But what do you do with a whole bunch of old sheets? Well I decided to dye them so I can quilt with it later. And as I need to dye a whole lot I decided that this is an excellant chance to write down how much dye I use and what the result is so I can perhaps repeat it at a later date rather then just winging it and see what comes of it. Don't get me wrong, that is nice too from time to time but sometimes you want a certain colour and at those time it is nice to be able to look it up.

So that experiment is still going and I will post about it later.
There was also a bag full of yarns of wool and blends and so I decided to do some knitting in the evenings. Nothing fancy though!

You can see that I am keeping myself busy. I see you next time and don't forget to have fun.