woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Some painting

We have had some lovely weather this weekend and so I was outside a lot.
But somehow I did have some time left to experiment with some painting and sew my jeans blanket top.

Has a small child I loved to finger paint. As a fifty year old I now rediscover the joy of playing with paint. I really enjoy it and I plan to do more of it. I am watching a lot of youtube films about painting and painters mostly about abstract painting because it offers a lot of freedom to just do what you want to do. I have already learned a lot techniques and I am slowly getting more courage to just try and see where it ends. For now it is just practice on recycled pieces of paper.

As for the jeans blanket I am now thinking about how to finish it. I will get there. And then I need to straighten the edges, not my favorite part :(

See you next time. Have fun!!